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Please fill out the contact us form or give us a call. We will talk about your home on the phone. If your home is a candidate for retrofitting (built before 1980 in Seattle) we will discuss what we do and how we do it. We will answer any questions you have and schedule and inspection.

After the inspection we will let you know if you can utilize the expedited process with the City of Seattle or if we need to get an engineer involved. Either way Cascadia Seismic will handle everything.

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Dave Lane



We are licensed, bonded and insured as an Earthquake retrofit contractor.


About Dave

I moved to Seattle in 1992 from the Midwest to be close to mountains, rivers and water. I’m an avid fisherman, hiker, hunter, gatherer, builder and tinkerer. I’ve climbed Rainier, snowboarded St. Helens and rowed the Olympic Peninsula’s rivers. I enjoy the smell of sawdust and the happy smiles of satisfied customers.

I’ve been interested in earthquakes since my neighbor’s chimney landed on our sidewalk after the Nisqaully earthquake in 2001. After leaving a successful mortgage career (owner of Bay Mortgage) I’ve been learning the residential construction industry. Retrofitting was an under- served category with only a couple of professional companies doing only retrofits.

I’ve combined my love of building and running a business to proudly own Cascadia Seismic.