There is a proven solution. Cascadia Seismic will follow sound engineering principles and practices to attach your home to it’s foundation. If you have unbraced walls, we will brace them. We follow Project Impact and the City of Seattle’s codes to retrofit your home. 

We will evaluate your home. About half of the residential homes in Seattle will quality for Project Impact. This would mean your project is straightforward and qualifies for expedited permits (quicker turn time and lower fee) and does not need an engineer to design your specific retrofit.

If your home qualifies we will give you a fixed bid. We will explain why a retrofit would benefit your house and how we would do it. Upon acceptance Cascadia Seismic will prepare and submit plans/specs and obtain a permit on your behalf. Your retrofit will be scheduled.

If your home is outside of the Project Impact guidelines an engineer will need to be used. We will give you a “ball park” estimate of the job. If the number sounds acceptable we will order the engineering report. These reports cost $900-$3000. After we both review the engineering report Cascadia Seismic will give you a firm bid. Upon acceptance we will prepare and submit plans/specs and obtain a permit on your behalf using the Engineer’s report. If you already have a report we would be happy to bid the job.

Permit in hand Cascadia Seismic will schedule our work to meet your schedule and needs.


We will

  • Listen to you. Need something special….just ask.
  • Answer any questions.
  • Clearly outline how long the job will take before we begin.
  • Adhere to a fixed bid.
  • Be polite and friendly and well presented.
  • Keep a clean jobsite while working and clean up at the end of each day.
  • Professionally retrofit your home.
  • Supply you with a copy of the signed off permit and letter of completion to qualify for earthquake insurance.
  • Say thank you at the end of the job and gladly accept your referrals in the future.