We sit on The Seattle Fault which runs east to west across the south side of the city. We are also subject to the Cascadia Subduction Zone which could cause a truly cataclysmic shake. A Deep Earthquake like the Nisqaully event in 2001 demonstrates that we are susceptible to these as well. An earthquake can move a house off it’s foundation. It can also collapse unsupported walls.

Retrofitting your home to help withstand an earthquake is a fairly straight forward solution:

A. Attach the home to it’s foundation

B. Brace unsupported walls

C. Connect the first floor to the mudsill.

Keeping your home braced and on it’s foundation will greatly increase your chances of mitigating damage. It will also increase the chance you get to reside in your home after an earthquake rather than being displaced.



  • Reduced damage to home and contents
  • Increased Safety
  • More likely to be habitable (not red tagged)
  • Increased Value
  • Qualify for earthquake insurance
  • Peace of mind.